absolutely and utterly sugar free.

my mom and i have recently decided to go completely off sugar. except for whole grains. {and i have lost 4lbs.!} so. we decided to make ourselves a little treat. absolutely and utterly sugar free chocolate bundt cake. luckly... it turned out amazing!! and we are now making it every sunday! {smile} if you want to try it yourselves... it is the same recipe as this. with a few exceptions...

instead of normal yellow cake mix. we were lucky enough to find sugar free pillsbury yellow cake mix!! {sweetened by splenda}

and instead of sugar. we used splenda!

in most sour cream there is about 4 grams of sugar... and in most light sour cream. there are 2 grams of sugar. so if you search very hard you will come around a sugar free sour cream! {smile}

a before shot...

and after!! MmmmMmmm.

p.s.... sela and kj both loved the cake!!



you are...

insane. {wink, wink}
lovable {smile}

no one on earth could be nicer than you!
i can't believe i missed your birthday. {frown}

i love you!



I'm We're shipping up to Boston!

yes. we have successfully {shipped up} to Boston.
well. not everything has been "successfully" shipped.
our moving van is still somewhere. anywhere. in america.

so... our very. old. house
{built in 1861}
is almost empty.
we made a quick trip to ikea ~wink wink~
to purchase a few extra things we may need until the moving van get here.
at this moment we only have...
1 king size bed
1 queen
2 todler beds
then.. 2 desks ~smile~

only with those simple things. we really don't have anything specific that we need to do.
so we've been touring boston!!

and for a little entertainment. ~wink.~
we enjoyed ourseves at a red sox game.


regional history fair.

regional history fair is almost here!
i have had an amazing time creating my website!
check it out!

my invitations. {yay!}

my mom is ALWAYS creative! {smiley face}

St. George!

see i been travelin,
been travelin forever,
but now that i found a home feels like i'm in heaven.

this past weekend
i went to st. george with...
we had an absolute blast!
whether we were
driving a four wheeler,
driving a range rover,
whatching movies,
or even seeing the home show.
no matter where or what we were doing...
we LOVED it!


Vanessa Millecam Photography!

around october/november...
my family and i did a photoshoot with Vanessa Millecam.
it was a blast and i would love to do another!
{here's a few}

around the end of november...
myla and i did a photoshoot with Vanessa Millecam.
we love the pictures...
THANKS vanessa!
{here's a few}



i LOVE your...
clothes {wink wink},
decorative style,
fragrances {perfume, house spray, pillow spray, etc.},
amazing party planning skills,
taste of music,
funness to everything,
your over joy to help,
and i could honestly go on forever!
i hope you recover well,
and feel better soon!



well. i haven't done a post in a while, so welcome back!
{wink wink}
it's almost valentine's day, and almost my birthday!
for valentines, my mom has made adorable little things for me to hand out!

It looks really cute!
thanks mom! xoxo.
mean while...
my mom and I are planning my birthday party!
I'm so excited!
I love having such a wonderful creative mom!


school. homework. dance. and repeat.

as history fair is coming up.
and regionals and many shows are on there way.
January is the busiest month for me.
it is the month where at some points of the day... you wish you could just sleep!
but on the weekends...
my friends and i dance..
kind of.
we like to play Just Dance 2!
and Just Dance ~kids version~!
it's a blast!
if you have a wii. i say you should get it ~wink wink~