absolutely and utterly sugar free.

my mom and i have recently decided to go completely off sugar. except for whole grains. {and i have lost 4lbs.!} so. we decided to make ourselves a little treat. absolutely and utterly sugar free chocolate bundt cake. luckly... it turned out amazing!! and we are now making it every sunday! {smile} if you want to try it yourselves... it is the same recipe as this. with a few exceptions...

instead of normal yellow cake mix. we were lucky enough to find sugar free pillsbury yellow cake mix!! {sweetened by splenda}

and instead of sugar. we used splenda!

in most sour cream there is about 4 grams of sugar... and in most light sour cream. there are 2 grams of sugar. so if you search very hard you will come around a sugar free sour cream! {smile}

a before shot...

and after!! MmmmMmmm.

p.s.... sela and kj both loved the cake!!

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  1. this cakes ROCKS!! i am so excited to make it since i just started my sugar free diet. lets hope i don't eat the whole thing!!